Our backgrounds

Established in 1920 by M. Auguste Bernard, BERNARD MOTEURS company became quickly famous thanks to quality of its products and with no equivalence on the market.


For its further development, BERNARD MOTEURS went then into partnership with GUINARD for fabrication of its pumpsets and later integrated in its production the CONORD and JAPY engines ; at the same time, BERNARD MOTEURS had developed other products dedicated to agricultural branch.

Bought by the state-owned RENAULT company in the seventies and by another French company in the late eighties, BERNARD MOTEURS always sticked with its reliability and durability concept which made reputation of its engines and products all over the world and through all generations.

Nowadays, BERNARD MOTEURS is the only French fabricator efficient and able to provide in its class gasoline engines for specific equipments such as pumpsets, generating sets, track, laying and maintenance machines, cement mixers, winches, motorized cultivators etc….